Odoo ERP

The one-stop solution that keeps all your business functions in sync!

Smruthi Technologies is a strong advocate of utilizing Odoo, formerly OpenERP, because the utilization of a cost-effective tool may benefit even the smallest corporation, Odoo is a perfect solution. Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of sale, Events, Blogs, Project management, Warehouse management, Financial management , Website builder, eCommerce and Human Resourses just to name a few.


There are currently more than 2 millions users of Odoo worldwide today. The popularity of the software is due to its unique range of features. Odoo includes modules such as: Sales/CRM, Purchase, Warehouse, Accounting, HR/Payroll.

Odoo is a revolution in the professional ERP market as it :

  • removes the initial cost of the software - Odoo is free to download
  • laces the main emphasis on professional services and customisation
  • gives you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs giving you a 100% requirements fit
  • the product is flexible, can be customised and is easy to integrate with a range of technologies
  • uses the latest business intelligence tools to drive it
  • user-friendly, logical and non-restrictive
  • feature-rich - covering all functional areas of a business
  • advanced, technically clean and extendable architecture
  • has professional support and warranty like commercial software